7D cinema is an inevitable trend of the future film and television media is the inevitable choice for consumers in mind future needs.
For 7D film, consumers have the following main objects:
1. adolescents. Personality characteristics between childhood and youth in adulthood, their ages 15-24 years old, full of curiosity for new things and adventurous, like the stimulus, in the state of new things 7D vivid three-dimensional movies, thrills, etc. Features can greatly attract the attention of young people and meet the needs of teenagers.
2. shopping tourists. With the continuous improvement of people’s living conditions, shopping, entertainment is increasingly becoming an essential factor in people’s lives. From morning to night shoppers, from a foreign country travelers from afar, fresh and fun things on the market tend to attract their attention focused. Mobile 7D cinema anytime unlimited sexual able to offer new and exciting shopping tourists in their shopping and enjoy a trip 7D game.
3. Work boring person. For living the high life stress and high work intensity of workers, in a brief but new and exciting 7D interactive cinema, will adjust their working life boring, boring tired brain nourishing choice.
4. Family collective consumers. For a company the size of the collective participation of the street to play, or when traveling abroad, a brief but new and exciting interactive 7D theater is home to participate in the game, to try new things and increase the choice of each other’s feelings.
5. mobile consumers. For a brief fresh stimulus 7D movie, people can meet only once a novelty experience in their daily lives and left an indelible impression.
6. Community cultural activities of the organization. Street, property management areas such as community cultural organizations active in the organization can join the flow of vehicles in order to enhance the 7D theater activity of novelty and fun. This is also a good way to attract people to participate in activities.

7d cinema

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