7d cinema equipment and 7D Seats Chair technology is currently divided into hydraulic and electric, hydraulic most dynamic seat currently used as a hydraulic dynamic seat technical requirements are relatively high, and 7d cinema equipment price is relatively cheap, it can be said regarded as one of the most cost effective dynamic seat.
The electric dynamic seat structure and control software is relatively complex, the price is the most expensive, so now this power dynamic seat theater is not a lot. General 7d cinema 4D cinema equipment are used in hydraulic dynamic seat, each seat can take two spectators combination of convenience, good dynamic effects, can be three degrees of freedom of the lift, tilt, swing and other movement.

Our 5D cinema /  theater based on 3D stero cinema /  theater and professional motion / dynamic hydraulic seats/ chairs has added various kinds of enviromental effects including  lightning simulation, rain simulation, snow simulation, smog simulation, bubble simulation, hot drop dropping, vibration, air blast, mist spray, leg tickler, ear wind, ear sound and etc.


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