Our Technology: Why We?

There are many kind of cinemas, but best one you can recognize from the technology and method of movements. There are:

  • Hydraulic:Based on a long-term research on the hydraulic technology,we made a great improvement. Our system allow the hydraulic cylinder go up and down and even pause at anytime. This is our patented technology and advanced in this filed, other manufacturers can not let the cylinder pause. It is the most powerful system,and the performance of the hydraulic system is also very well.With the 6 separated hydraulic cylinder,It can do all movements, make strong experience feeling and accurate action simulation like electric system with more competitive price. For maintenance,hydraulic system is very easy too.You just need to refill the hydraulic oil when it runs out.No need daily maintenance like pneumatic system.
  • Pneumatic: not strong, fast breakable, and the worst one. We don’t use pneumatic technology.
  • Electromechanical: Best technology for simulation. It has very fast reaction for the instant command of the controller.
Methods of movement:
  • 2 pistons (2DOF): Being a long time on the market and using the 5D attraction new technology we have developed a unique offering for your business — 2-DOF Electric platform. The advantage of this platform is:
    – more reliable design
    – no noise at work platform
    – no need servicing like of hydraulics, pneumatics system
    – Low cost, but the movement is similar like 6Dof platform
  • 3 pistons (3DOF): A good compromise on motion, and excellent value for money.Specially for making 1 or 2 seats on a platform.
  • 6 pistons (6DOF): Best and only technology used in professional simulations. It can lift drop, spin, wave, etc… We are using 6DOF robots in all our cinemas.

We produce hydraulic or electromechanical technology, 6 Axis Hexapod robot(6 DOF) and use control unites.For the successful business we strongly recommend you best 5d 7d 9d cinema which use electromechanical technology and 6 Axis spider robots. Our cinema have addiction effect and people always come.

Technologies we use: many steps ahead of competitors.

  • 6 DOF (6 axis Hexapod robot) : it gives limitless type of movements
  • Special sensors for each 6 actuator
  • “Comfort driver” technology save you from nausea, headache and dizziness.
  • “Human sense” – patented technology of human sens synchronization.
  • “Real Feeling” technology : %100 reality in movements
  • “High Sensitive” screw pistons made from special tempered steel.
  • Possibility to move up to 30-45 cm dimensions.
  • “Tremble” effect for better reality
  • “Smart stop” technology: emergency System safety brake system.
  • Tailored Screen according to technical drawing and space
  • Managing computer unit
  • Spare piston, spare cable set, other spare parts


  • Strongest in the market: simple and strong technology
  • 100% of Satisfaction of investor and end users
  • No life time: Our cinema can serve you 24 hours in a day, for at least 30 years non-stop.
  • Special Effects package: Water, Rain, Air blast, Fog device, Snow device, Leg Tickle, etc…
  • Fixing and control by internet: no need to visit you.
  • Providing best Ride movies from all over the world
  • Adaptation of any movie of your within 2 days
  • Extremely fast Technical and After Sale support
  • Strongest R&D department
  • Only company who work with stock
  • No second hand cinema