After-sale service

1.   one year warranty

2.   During the period of guarantee we will supply you for free the damaged key parts including motor, monitor etc. induced by non-human factors.

3.  We offer you the professional 4D cinema system,5D cinema equipment,6D cinema theater,interaction 7D cinema,truck mobile 9D cinema,park cabin 11d cinema movies which do it by us for free, because we have our own technician to update the 3D movies or films.



When making the delivery of 5D, we will send you the instruction of how to install 5D theater . But if you don’t know how to, we will dispatch our technician to your location to help you install the 5D, which is offered without charge.  So what you need to do for our technician is to arrange the return ticket,boarding and lodging at your location.


Excellent service

1.   provide experienced business management and qualitative after-sale service for the customers

2.   feedback the marketing information to the customers

3.   follow up customers regularly

4.   Provide all sorts of consultation. Based on rich experiences and strategic relations with customers