Effects of 5D film equipment seat system

Seat special system:
Seat effects system 5D film equipment, can let the audience feel the bumps, tremor, flying up and down effect. When viewers watch the adventure, horror, seat effects particularly obvious. For example, the audience is watching the roller coaster seat film, can let the audience feel the ups and downs, down through the film, in the virtual world, in a room in the high mountains and lofty hills to experience rapid shuttle excitement.

Audio and video effects system:
Audio and video effects system 5D film equipment 5D cinema including metal screen, projector, a frame (with partial mirror, tablets), broadcast server, control cabinet, screen, the bass sound box, the main speaker surround speakers, amplifiers and other equipment.

The software system includes video effects action editor, video player, synchronous control system, system and environment effects system action effects. Equipment includes high configuration of the computer, display cabinet, etc..


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