5D movie car called 5D film car, is a virtual reality products, it uses special effects and environmental effects on the seat, simulation scenes and special environment to simulate actual events. Construction of 5D film cars: two types of chassis, screen system, computer control system, air compressor, bubble machine, snow machine, blowing machine, flash, audio amplifier, motor dynamic seat all projection equipment, control software, 3D glasses, connecting pipelines, hanger. In fact, I feel no what difference, in fact is not fixed a cinema, you see a movie more convenient.

Now the technology is so advanced, many 5D dynamic movie equipment business to customer interests, like the sense of cinema that provides a movie site for more of us, we won’t go to the cinema to see the film. 4D/5D, increase our interest, also let us have more time, everywhere you can see yourself want to see the film

5d movie car

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