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Packaging Detail: Electric XD Cinema 12 Seats With 3DOF System

Delivery Detail: 5-7 working days after receiving the deposit

14 years technology on hydraulic line,then come to 5d 7d cinema
1. Low risk high return
3. competitive price and HQ

Introduction of Xindy 5d cinema

XD cinema is based on technology of 3D cinema, it is a new digital movie technology, compromising various complicated special effect like lightning, snow, vibration, spray and so on. XDcinema is a new cinema form emerged in international,XD cinemas have high technology, prominent theme, and effective strong impact on the screen features compared to other types of theaters. XD cinema viewers can now experience new unique features, touch and feel such as smoke, water, snow, bubble, smell, lightning, legs touching, photo snap shooting system and other effects.

XD cinema is generally made of three factors, they are stereo screening system, vibration seat and special effect equipment, and computer controlling system. They work together and constitute one system, stimulating audience visual, audition, touch and feeling, it can mobilize all the perceptual system of viewers and make you really come into the plot, which makes viewers feel the scene very close and gain all-around experience from your vision, hearing, touching, smelling and take you into thesimulative environment which can be felt as a real world.The effect is lifelike.

Electric XD Cinema 12 Seats With 3DOF System

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