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6d cinema system 6D cinema equipment 6D cinema theater equipment for sale
1.6dof servo motor motion electric system
2.70 films

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:All the equipments are packed by seal wood box ready for transportation.

Delivery Detail:7-10 days after receiving the deposit


Water spray effect:

When it rains in the film, it rains outside. Water spray effect is a special effect equipment to create raining scene.


Bubble effect:

Travel undersea or in a fantastic forest, bubbles will be spited out from bubble machine and filled the room. It’s romantic and you’ll finally realize “Oh, I am in the dream world”.


Leg tickling effect:

Simulates insects and arthropod creeping on your leg.


Strobe lighting effect:

With thrilling scene and extreme weather, audience will be scared by unexpected stunning lightning, just like the theatre is involved in a thunderstorm.

Blowing wind effect:

Is there any better effect than a chilly wind when you are focusing on a horror film, or a fierce wind when you are taking an adventure in the forest? Wind effect shows a direct feeling you expect on the movie.

Smoke effect:

Imitate a large number of burning smoke, smoke arises accompanied by “flames” as if the sky in the combustion.


Fragrant effect:

The flowers in the movie are so fascinated, with fragrant effect, the simulated scene is just perfect!


Fire effect:

It’s not the real fire but a simulated tool to create an image like the place around viewers is on fire.


Snow effect:

Actually we offer many films with the theme “SNOW”. Snow effect works really well. It’s fun and fascinated, create a emulational atmosphere.


Electric 5d cinema System Platform simulator equipment

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