5d film technology based on the 3d movie, which is a new digital film technology to reduce complex special effects like lightning, snow, vibration, spray. 5dcinema is a new form of international 5d movie theater with high technology, prominent theme on the screen is strongly influenced by the characteristics and effective compared to other types of theater.

5d cinema is usually caused by three factors of the film, which are three-dimensional scanning system, and the effects of vibration of the seat apparatus, and a computer control system. They work together to form a system and stimulate the audience’s vision, hearing, touch and feel, it can mobilize all the perceptual system of the audience, so you really into the plot, let the audience feel the scene close to get the full visual experience from your , hearing, touching, smelling, take you to the simulated environment, you can feel as a real world. Realistic effect.

Visually, the screen structure 5d theater has three screens: flat panel displays; arc formed a circle, semi-centercircular-screen. Screen aspect ratio is 16:9, and it can be widely expanded range of 3d object movement and vision, to get rid of the sight of the plane bound to make the movie space like real space. It can generate a lot of ways, such as sports across and around, this is it makes the temporal and spatial variation of feeling. (This is different from “four-level video”, not only limits the perspective of the audience, and the direction of the moving object.

Audience to enjoy three-dimensional movies, we specialize in the design and manufacture cylinder polarized glasses “stereo glasses”) (see the three-dimensional movies, which makes the left and right eye images of different movie-goers, so the image is reflected in the human brain is a three-dimensional image, to create a three-dimensional visual space immersive scene.

From high-quality audio material. 5d theater sound system is a multi-channel surround sound system. 5.1 sound system provides enhanced surround sound. 5d design and production of multi-channel surround sound system to fully consider the 5d-dimensional movie theater, you can accurately locate objects in motion, so the sound is stereo 5d movie together to form a real feeling of three-dimensional space.

Mini 5D dynamic spacecraft, mini 5D cinema equipment, mini 5D cinema, mini 5D cinema to ensure that all of the above elements achieved good results, you need a computer to control all functions. Core 5d movie computer, all of the software and process control, each function is integrated into the computer. The film is based on the computer, and then set the exact time of execution of computer programming, such as the projection of sound, produce all special effects.

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