5D dynamic film while watching Let us not just to experience the feeling from stereo audio to surround the immersive feeling, as the law of our dynamic seat swing, let us directly into the movie, the movie experience the shock.

5D Cinema equipment through how to contact in order to allow us to appreciate the movie so shocking that? In fact, this is a powerful place in technology, science and technology will be a different movie equipment given different functions and then apply separately to the movie playback, along with the role of the equipment in the form of shock cinema.
We use high-resolution screen, so that people can visually see very clearly;

Then let the audience to bring high-quality stereoscopic eyes, so that the plane will be able to screen the mission established by the evolution of color scenes of the body;
At this time, we will be dynamic seat and machine through a computer system with special effects movie scenes together, and when it rains the movie, special effects machine will produce rain and other environmental effects, so that effects machine with dynamic seat according to the movie each story, a different move, just as you enter into the movie.
Through these devices with different 5D cinema and used in tandem with each other, let’s go directly to the film, television shocking experience.

5D Cinema equipment

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