7D interactive cinema how kind? 7D interactive movie is higher than the 3D movie entertainment, from the initial stay out of the ground, without any interaction from the upgrade to interactive games, from the initial static become today’s dynamic experience. 7D interactive movie not only like 4D, 5D movie imitation storm, lightning, rain and other scenes, the most peculiar and the audience can interact with the characters in the film, the film a tiger pounce on you in the audience, seat Yang chair will help you back a “danger” to avoid the danger of stimulating experience, if you like a hero to save the United States and you can pick up an interactive tool down monster, if you like beautiful and romantic, you can cross the ocean. Can 7D movies and videos interactive game adventure 7D movie, you feel funny?

Open a 7D Cinema how make money?

1. you do not throw ad? Because the film itself is an advertisement 7D is an attractive advertising, and then send the appropriate number of leaflets can attract the attention of the audience, again a large flow of people is to choose a place open theater, Phantom Star can give you professional propaganda and publicity materials to provide advice based on your intentions site storefront, but will give to your interior design scheme, the overall control, highlight your theater features.

2. will not want to see a read once? 7D not seen the movie many friends asked how long a film, usually about ten minutes, in fact, a film with a wonderful degree of relationship is not long, more realistic Important! means this is a profitable, often the audience watched a feel not enough fun, there are four consecutive see 7D movie fans, even with more friends with the view. Xindy have always been the development of new and high-definition videos, movies Phantom Star 7D with hydraulic or electric devices as a platform for coordinated action, the audience were uncomfortable, see stimulate protect your repeat business.

3. such a high-tech movie tickets are not expensive? This is based on your level of local consumption to be, generally fares ranging from 20 to 30, you can buy to promote, attract viewers more powerful, inexpensive , and fun why not?

7D Interactive Cinema

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