First, it is the theater, with the basic properties of the traditional theater; secondly, with the traditional pattern of differentiated theater that features various types of equipment and facilities changed. Its configuration and combination of focused mainly emphasizes audience participation and experience of body, mind, and for the audience to create an immersive range. Therefore, the effect of satisfying the above effects can be called cinema theater.

For example Xindy 4d/5d/7d/9d theater is typical of domestic high-end special effects theater. Xindy evolved from traditional on the basis of three-dimensional cinema, compared to other types of cinema, with a prominent theme, high technology content, lifelike picture impact resistance and other characteristics and advantages. As demand video entertainment technology and entertainment market, people will not only shake, fall, hair, water, scratching, leg sweep and other stunts to introduce 3D cinema, also designed according to the film’s scenes of smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubbles, smell and other effects, the formation of a unique experience, which is very popular in today’s special effects theater. As the audience watching the movie special effects can get visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and other full experience, developing very rapidly in recent years, special effects theater.

What Kind of Theater Called Special Effects Theater

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