The Category of 4d motion cinema:

1. Flat screen theater

4D cinema of the flat screen cinema, theater seat design large slope, no matter which angle you are, can have a complete “barrier-free” vision. The sound source equalization system designed specifically for the theater, but also to ensure the volume and sound exactly the same in every corner of the theater. When you put on stereoscopic glasses, stunning visual effects, perfect sound quality, bring you a new visual experience!
Flat screen theater installation is simple, less demanding on the site. This only requires two projectors or projector, the cost is low.

4d Cinema Theater

2. Ring screen cinema

Unlike ring screen movie theater screen, surround screen cinema using cylindrical projection screen, watching the around the center. Long span a broad picture on the screen filled with the viewer’s vision, full stereo and movie plot complement a perfect fit, fantastic interpretation of immersive visual experience.
Ring screen cinema curvature 120 degrees, 150 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, 360 degrees, and other options can be personalized according to the design and construction site specific conditions, to ensure the ring screen cinema effect.

4d Cinema Theater

3. Dome Theater

Dome Theater is a set of education and entertainment for the whole novel video sites, it is a common feature fully integrated visual visual extension and flat screen surrounded by curtain rings, ball ball into quarter and half of two form, resulting in a more intense visual impact during movie playback.

4d Cinema Theater

4. Dome Theater and film compared to other dynamic theater

Dome Theater is more ambitious than the ring screen cinema atmosphere, allowing viewers to immerse round, shocking even better viewing, also known as the dome screen theater. This particular theater commonly used in the planetarium, science museum piece playing cosmic science. As the technology advances, Dome Theater, “flying into the homes of ordinary people”, began to enter the general science and playgrounds, to serve a wider audience.
What equipment Dome Theater constitute?
1. 4 D dynamic cinema screen
2. three-dimensional eye
3. 4 D dynamic stunt seat
4. cinema digital sound system

4d Cinema Theater
5. 3D, 4D stereoscopic movie

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