Virtual reality (VR) develops rapidly in this year. Since the virtual reality technology is gradually matured and contents of it are gradually enriched.

Early this year, a report indicates that the global market revenue of VR/AR will reach 80 billion dollars, half of the revenue is from hardware.

The virtual reality simulator being so hot and received extensive attention nowadays. But maybe someone still don’t know the virtual reality simulator. Now, let the Hong Kong BBC journalist take you into the virtual reality world.

The BBC journalist interviewed several our clients in Hong Kong. These clients bought our 9d virtual reality simulator and virtual reality treadmill. The two virtual reality simulators are so popular in Hong Kong. There are so many people queue up for playing the 9d virtual reality simulator and virtual reality treadmill. For this reason, Hong Kong BBC journalist was attracted to interviewed our clients and discussed the future development trend together.

(This above video and article is reprinted from BBC news,

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