The new year just around the corner. Lots of clients of Xindy is hurry to open the 9d vr simulator experience center.
Let’s see some cases of our clients 9d vr simulator business.
The double seats 9d vr simulator in Pakistan.
Under our company’s help, she has opened the 9D vr simulator experience center rapidly. According her feedback,
his experience center’s business are very hot now. Although she usually works late at night, she has earned lots of
money from it.


The three seats 9dirtual reality simulator in Columbia.
First he had a bit afraid to do that, since he was unfamiliar with the vr simulator industry. After our sales person gave
her a professional product explanation, his misgivings has been dispelled. Now, with the help of our professional sales
person, his 9D vr simulator experience center in Columbia has been open successfully.


The three seats 9d vr simulator in Malaysia.
In an accidental opportunity, they met the 9d vr simulator in a shopping center in Malaysia. After they experienced,
they thought the 9d vr simulator met all their need. When they learned the equipment was bought from our
company, they contact us at once. Shortly afterwards, they came to visit our factory and place an order.
After their 9d vr simulator experience center have resumed business, they told us the business was so hot, a growing
number of people are going to experience the 9d vr simulator. The profit amount increased several times than before.


The double seats 9d vr simulator in Kuwait.
With the help of our sales person, his 9d vr simulator experience pavilion has opened within a month. According to his
feedback, he said the business of vr simulator experience pavilion is very good and now it is the most popular store in
the shopping plaza.


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