Wow, our client’s Aerospace Science and Technology Experience Centre has already opened for business. This Aerospace Science and Technology Experience Centre shows the knowledge and development history of space, also you can experience the space flight training simulation facilities in it.

It was well decorated and full of aeronautic mystery. Look, there were full of players. According to the our customer’s feedback, they received nearly 10,000 people per day.


The Aerospace Science and Technology Experience Centre covers an area of 5000 square meters. The total investment for the construction project was more than 30 million. There are lots of virtual reality equipment machine and two thirds of its were from Xindy, 4 sets of 720 degree flight simulator, 36 seats 5d theater, 9 seats 7d theater, 2 sets stand-up flight machine, 2 sets vr space walk, 6 seats 9d simulator and the space-time shuttle flight simulator.


Now, let me show you three kind of exciting and popular flight simulator in Aerospace Science and Technology Experience Center.

1. 720 degree Flight Simulator
The 720 degree flight simulator with spatial two-axis of 360 degree rotating rack, closely integrated with the game to create a comprehensive multi-sensory experience of flight with true sense of control. It can help you achieve the space dream.

2. Stand-up Flight Simulator
Stand-up Flight Simulator is the unique standing virtual simulation equipment on current market, mainly experience on simulate flying, skydiving, skiing, rafting and other extreme sports, increase 50% sense of reality!

3. Space-time Shuttle Flight Simulator
Space-time shuttle flight simulator is a double-seat flight simulator to which advanced technology is intensively applied. Capable of achieving 180°, 360°and 720° spherical flying motion, ensuring great fun! Allowing experience of space adventure, high speed driving, space-time travel, disaster escape and other exciting and thrilling scenes.

These three flight simulator can show you around the aerospace. If you are not interested in these three flight simulator, it doesn’t matter, there were lots of virtual reality equipment in Aerospace Science and Technology Experience Center for you to play.


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