5d theater equipment operation simple: plug-in to operate.
1. humane setting, consider the operation of the actual situation, the built-in bed for the rest.
2. franchisee can not find the premises cease to worry about: train solve all the decoration, venue operators and other issues, save a lot of renovation costs and rental costs.
3. Touch screen control system, a person can operate, saving labor costs.

5d theater equipment introduced by the above power system, but also understand the difference between electric and hydraulic action of their own, are summarized as follows:
1. prolonged use of hydraulic fluid leaks easily, pollute the environment. Electric and no pollution.
2. large power consumption: hydraulic pneumatic power consumption twice. Long-term business, with many costs.
3. hydraulic work, action stiff and inflexible. When the action is flexible pneumatic well.

 Which Points of 5d Cinema Equipment Operational Aspects to Pay Attention to Several Issues

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