In general, if the 5D cinema located in an area of ​​intense commercial activity, such as in the downtown area, business activity is very high, the turnover of shops in this area will inevitably high, this shop is the “high cost of land “of the land. Conversely, if set up shop in a small traffic where turnover is generally difficult to improve. High population density areas, such as residents of settlements, population centers, people have a lot of needs for goods, if set up shop, cool video era 5D Motion Theater in a place like this will certainly business is booming, the store is usually more stable income.

Convenient transportation area, 5D dynamic theater opened in the example, in the passenger on the train, get off at more stations, or in the vicinity of the main station, you can walk the streets in the customer set up shop in close proximity. 5D theater for three-dimensional multi-traffic streets, shops and more traffic in the streets, shopping and entertainment make most people are more convenient.

Set up shop in the work necessary land, too. Working hours come and gone, fewer opportunities to patronize the shop, when the mood to work loose, natural increase opportunities for shopping. Select 5D dynamic theater district shop locations in addition to considering the distribution industry, commuting routes, also taking into account the area of the building arrangement, the distribution of the road, extending the series or broken, and the crowd, such as the direction of the store. 5D Motion Theater in office shop, preferably in the leisure industry, catering industry and the industry to provide services for the office-based.

Crowd gathered near places like parks, cinemas, playgrounds, discos and other entertainment venues, or offices, factories, companies. 5D Cinema of similar shops clustered neighborhoods, considerable evidence that, for those who operate durable goods stores, if concentrated in a particular neighborhood or area, the better to attract customers. From the customer point of view, said many stores full of goods, you can compare and choose the reference is greater, is the best choice for shopping. So entrepreneurs need not fear competition, the more counterparts, they do not spread, but also the more prosperous popular theater movement, the better the results.

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