3D movies is Stereo , 4D is dynamic tactile taste plus, 5D is can intervene interaction.

4D, 5D 3D film technology is based on the above. As we all know, in the 3D film is also not ripe, there have been many cities abroad 4D, 5D theater. With the development of science and technology, people are no longer satisfied with “just do not participate” but require an “immersive” For this reason, 4D, 5D cinema began to slow to develop. 3D, 4D and 5D closely
Health watch 3D movies

3D movies more innovative, not only for adults great temptation, some children are very fond of watching. However, medical experts have pointed out, the children watching 3D movies, if not taken into account and proper guidance from a medical point of view and psychological point of view, it will have some impact children’s hearing and psychology. With 3D picture perspective because frequent switching, the human eye can transform from time to time, people may be dizziness, nausea and discomfort.

4D movie was based on 3D movies on the theater through the seat within the vibration, shake, spin, leg sweep, spit water, jet, and other special modifications, together with the installation of rain and snow in the theater, lightning, fog and other special effects equipment when the audience watching stereoscopic movie, along changes in real-time video content to feel the storm, lightning, rain, shock, spray mist, etc., will also rocking chair swing.

5D movie is in 3D, 4D, based on the unique decorative landscape through advanced software technology and three-dimensional computer graphics animation technology, real-time interaction with the audience the movie screen virtual character. Fans can collect audience action expression, and then back to a computer for analysis, so that the role of the film react to interact in order to achieve another “dimension.” But 5D movie is very high cost, the cost of a movie length 5D seven to eight minutes up to about 200 million yuan, the production cost is 6 times the same length 3D movie.

What is The Feature  for 4D/5D Movie Cinema

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