First, no fixed store, compared to the fixed operating theater more flexible , innovative , operators do not have to bear the high transfer fee and rent facade , renovation costs savings and spending a lot of rent .

Second, do not need to hire employees ; If it is fixed 5D cinema , during business hours must hire employees . 5D movie car you can always choose a time to rest without time limit and eliminating the need for manual overhead.

Third, the flow of the biggest advantages of 5D movie car is its mobility ; 5D movie car unrestricted location , it can go anywhere you want to go , whether it is a bustling city district , parks, leisure square, commercial street , near the school ; still rural fairs . Anyone can become a traffic areas premises , where lively where to open fewer customers troubles do not exist, all the advantages of fresh faces every day makes operators quickly get high returns but certain to win .

Fourth, the little car theater interior decoration and professional layout, stable equipment and limited space utilization , ensure perfect presentation of results , the picture quality is not less than the large theater , allowing viewers to experience the thrill of high-tech immersive .

Fifth, the movie itself is the 5D advantage , since 2009 3D film “Avatar ” hit , 4D, 5D have appeared , with the popularization of science and technology , 5D movie is definitely going to eventually replace the current general plane of the film, so this a trend.
What are the Advantages of Truck Mobile 5d Cinema

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