5d cinema equipment manufacturers to analyze the advantages of 5D cinema

5d cinema equipment manufacturers introduced, 5D cinema is an excellent science facilities, allowing viewers to experience immersive Space Odyssey fun to intimate contact with the dinosaurs of the Cretaceous, the underwater world tour …… For example, when watching a 5D movie, if the movie play inherent rain scene, we have done environmental effects will make the audience feel the rain on the body, the wind blowing the film, the audience will feel a synchronous wind, the fog from the movie, the audience felt to diffuse fog around

5D cinema consists of three elements: the three-dimensional projection system; vibration seats and special effects equipment; computer control system. These three synergistic effect, constitute a system, 5d cinema equipment manufacturers analyze jointly stimulate the audience’s visual, auditory, tactile, sensory and other senses, reproduction movie themes involved in the environment, various details within the environment, as well as the audience in a specific encountered within the environment, etc., creating immersive overall effect.

5d cinema equipment manufacturers represented, such as when the audience watching stereoscopic movie, along changes in real-time video content to feel the storm, lightning, rain, shock, spray mist and so on around the three-dimensional image corresponding to the incident, the seat will also shake swing.

5d cinema

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