5d dynamic cinema sound this band contains almost everyone went in, it is the most important bands. Many people misunderstand the maximum range of the instrument also occurred here.
For example, the violin, the music is generally considered high, frequency certainly high, in fact, more than half of its range is in this band. For example, soprano, do not think high voice, her highest in the upper frequency range is only only. Therefore, this band is critical in stereo.

The importance of this band 5d dynamic theater can also be analyzed from two-way speaker crossover point. Usually two-way speaker crossover point mostly in the 2500HZ and 3000HZ, both 2500HZ about twice 1280HZ, that is, in order to give birth too afraid woofer crossover frequency distortion in the frequency limit of the designer they all regard the crossover point up to twice the upper limit of the IF, IF perfect result on the Central to the performance of the subwoofer.

The tweeter is mainly manifested most overtones, if you put his ear close to the tweeter will find all heard some hissing sound, this is the overtone, if no such hiss, the only independent woofer to restore the sound, then certainly hear dull unbearable.

5d dynamic film joined the company said that if the three assigned speakers, the vast majority of this frequency will be included in a separate midrange unit inside.

High frequency

From 1280HZ-2560HZ as high frequency.

5d dynamic film to join the company said in a quarter of a violin range in this band, the upper limit of the viola, flute high range, the lower half of the range of a piccolo, triangle and so on.

In fact, it is easy to identify the high-frequency, high-range and high-range woodwind group as long as the strings are in the high frequencies. But many people think that this belongs to the high-frequency band, is not accurate.

5d Cinema

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