Sri Lanka customers ordere  9Dcinema of Zhuoyuan, brought to the local adults and children different experience. 5D cinema make the audience from  hear, visual, touch, these aspects to achieve the most powerful realism, as exposure to the film, through the simulation to achieve wind, speed, dive, poke back, vibration  and other environmental effects, Customers can […]

Eloise from New Zealand has a large truck, he intends to install a cinema on the truck, so through the study and comparison, he chose Zhuoyuan 5d 6-seat cinema ultimately.   This mobile 5D cinema is the best place to spend their summer vacation and bring infinite joy to his children. Mobile cinema is very […]

Xindy 9D VR Cinema Virtual Reality Simulator XIndy 9D VR Cinema Simulator seamlessly combines the virtual reality unit, Peripheral hardware devices, entertainment platform, change the traditional forms of entertainment and create a change for the consumers to enter into the interactive entertainment industry. What Is Xindy 9D VR Simulator? 9D VR Simulator=Virtual Reality Glasses + Interactive VR Simulator + Games […]