The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) announced that the 2017 Asian Attractions Expo will be held at the Convention and Exhibition of Marina Bay Sands Center, Singapore.Asia Attractions Expo is Asia’s largest attraction trade fair and conference, dedicated to serving the multi-billion dollar Asian attractions industry.Zhuoyuan VR treadmill, VR ski machine, vibrating vr are mostly adored.


Performer said: “it is much more joyful than traditional games, just like you were in it”. Zhuoyuan stand-up flight vr simulator, which could be said the pop king of the exhibition, attracted groups of buyers queuing to experience.


Besides that, Zhuoyuan vibrating vr simulator 也是购买者所喜爱的。虽然看起来像一个小型设备,但它兼有戏剧和健身功能。看,这个女孩穿上它,她在四处跳舞,下车时她砰的一声。,,en,Xindy VR主要在IAAPA |中受到青睐辛迪动画公司,,en

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