There are many entertainment facilities in the Swedish mall, attracting many customers to experience. And many customers are attracted by a red “ball”, this device is Zhuoyuan 时空穿梭,,en,模拟器是一个双人座位,,en,先进技术被广泛应用。坐在球形舱内的玩家可以根据游戏中的飞行场景在两个垂直方向上进行360°旋转运动,在绝对安全的环境中进行战斗。,,en,为什么选择,,en,Xindy Space-Time Shuttle虚拟现实模拟器?,,en,让您体验太空探险,高速驾驶,时空旅行,灾难逃生等令人激动的惊险场景。能够实现180°,360°和720°的球形飞行运动,确保极大的乐趣!,,en,通过酷炫的设计,它给人一种科学感和未来感,并使其成为引人注目的设计。双人球员的经验允许在得分比赛中竞争,创造一个非常有竞争力的氛围。,,en


Zhuoyuan space-time shuttle is a double-seat flight simulator to which advanced technology is intensively applied. Players seated in the spherical cabin can experience 360° rotating motion in two vertical directions according to the flying scene in the game, fighting in an absolutely safe environment.


The customer said:it is too stimulating. Because not only to focus on the shootout and avoid being hit by the enemy crash, but also to cope with the sudden rapid rotation, their fighters came a 720 ° flip also, too Bravo!

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