7D cinema 是未来电影和电视媒体的必然趋势,是消费者心目中未来需求的必然选择。
2. shopping tourists. With the continuous improvement of people’s living conditions, shopping, entertainment is increasingly becoming an essential factor in people’s lives. From morning to night shoppers, from a foreign country travelers from afar, fresh and fun things on the market tend to attract their attention focused. Mobile 7D电影院 随时随地无限制性能够他们的购物提供新的和令人兴奋的购物游客畅游7D游戏。
3. Work boring person. For living the high life stress and high work intensity of workers, in a brief but new and exciting 7D interactive cinema, will adjust their working life boring, boring tired brain nourishing choice.
5. mobile consumers. For a brief fresh stimulus 7D的电影, people can meet only once a novelty experience in their daily lives and left an indelible impression.

7d cinema