Eric, our Kenya’s client, bought the 7d theater from Xindy again. In the first half of the year, he had ordered a 7d theater, 9d vr simulator. And he had installed them in a truck by himself. What a clever man! Since he installed them in the truck, he used to drive the mobile 7d theater everywhere and it had attracted lots of children to experience. A boy even watched over 10 times in one day. With excellent service, reasonable price, and the interesting films, his 7d theater always crowded with customers. In order to earn more money, he bought the more 7d theater from Xindy again.

现在,他的新移动7d影院已经开始营业。他新的7d剧院经常被带到不同的游乐园,吸引更多的孩子去体验。圣诞节期间,他的伴侣向我们发送了关于他的剧院反馈和他的良好愿望的视频。,,en,为了感谢您对我们产品的信任和支持,我们将保持良好的声誉,并继续为您创造丰厚的利润。最后,新的一年即将到来,提早祝你新年快乐。最好的祝愿。,,en,你想了解更多关于7d剧院的信息,请留下您的信息,我们会尽快与您联系。,,en,卡车7d移动电影,,en,Mobile 7d影院是我们在肯尼亚的客户完美业务项目辛迪动画公司,,en


For appreciating your trust and support to our products, we will keep the good reputation and continue to create an abundant profit for you. Finally, the new year is coming soon, early to wish you Happy New Year. Best wishes.

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