What is China Space Day?
(Keynote Speech of the Open Ceremony)
There is a saying that goes like that: Who controls the outer space resources controls the lifeline of a country. With the advent of 21st century, this is especially true for every major countries of the globe. Explorations and researches on aerospace aviation can server as an effective catalyst to greatly enhance a country’s technological muscle in wide areas. China, who is a heavyweight player in aerospace exploration arena, made a announcement on April 26th, 2016 to make the day “China Space Day”, hoping to further popularize knowledge on space and fuel people’s enthusiasm on aerospace aviation.
China Space Day in Macau
(one middle school student is Experiencing Eagle Flight VR)
Macau SAR government always attaches much attention on education of aerospace aviation. On April 24th, the China Space Day meeting, themed A Date with the Youth, was held at the Macau Science Conference Center. The activity, which was hosted by Macau Education Bureau and co-hosted by Macau Science center, was held for the purpose of activating the youth’s more interests and passion for aerospace and aviation. Apart from senior representatives from technology and education fields in Macau, more than four hundred middle school students also participated the meeting.
广州 Zhuoyuan’s Attendance & VR Science Popularization
(Students are queuing Up)
Guangzhou Zhuoyuan (its sub-brand FuninVR) was invited to this meeting because of its good reputation and achievements in VR equipment manufacturing. As we know that the recent years have witnessed the fast development of VR tech, its wide application has benefited many areas. VR+Science Popularization is a frontier concept which is a major trend of future VR blueprint. Known as a prestigious VR equipment maker in domestic China, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan has not only achieved much progress in sharpening its competitive edge and producing high quality VR equipment, but also painted a big vision for the novel concept of VR+Science Popularization. As matter of fact, the company has already started paving its road in this field, many of its VR products 已经被用来普及太空和太空的知识。航空,消防,地震,交通安全等。,,en,(学生迫不及待地体验VR产品),,en,FuninVR虚拟现实设备的虚拟化。,,en,广州卓远这次带来了会议两款VR产品,,en,。这两款VR设备是广州卓远销售榜上的畅销产品,分别针对航天和地震等定制设计了VR内容,,en,星际旅行,,en,大地震,,en
(Students can’t wait to experience VR products)
xhibition of FuninVR’s VR Equipment.
Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, this time, brought the meeting two VR products, they were Eagle Flight VRVibrating VR Simulator. Those two VR equipment are the quick sellers on Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s selling list, they respectively have tailor-designed VR content on space aviation and earthquake like Interstellar TravelGreat Earthquake which are very suitable for science popularization. Many middle school students were invited to try and experience the two VR products. Some happily claimed that the science popularization content on space inside the game was outstanding. Others expressed that the immersive and vivid VR experience helped much in bringing them closer to the real space environment. The exhibition of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s VR products also caught many media’s attention, some gave the VR equipment big space in newspaper coverage.
(Media coverage)
通过VR进行航空航天知识的普及还比较新,它的成功应用很大程度上取决于创造性地定制VR内容和高端VR设备。广州卓远永远不会背离推动航空航天等领域科普的社会责任,将不断致力于制造高质量的VR产品和内容。,,en,事实上,FuninVR不仅在高品质VR产品的研发方面投入巨资,而且还涉足VR ,,en,FuninVR一直致力于研究&开发具有科普功能的VR设备,同时提供一站式的VR科普推广解决方案。快的,,en,vr蛋,,en
As a matter of fact, FuninVR has not only invested heavily in the research and development of high quality VR products, but also has set foot in the area of VR
FuninVR has been dedicating to the research & development of VR equipment with functions of science popularization, it also provides one-stop VR science popularization solutions. The fast
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