1. If do not understand technology , is easy to operate 5d cinema7D电影院

5D影院 相关设备和系统,我们将提供详细的安装说明和手册,也有专业的技术人员为您提供帮助有关安装和培训,这是非常轻松,只要你知道一个简单的电脑操作,掌握。



Suitable business premises directly affect your economic benefits, it will be more appropriate for high traffic circle place that there will more crowd people. sitting proposal : Commercial Street , playgrounds, tourist attractions, parks , pedestrian streets , shopping malls, Youth Palace , entertainment place, or as a new project for movie theaters . According to the number of seats there have different requirements for the area : a six-seats to 20 square meters for example , the minimum size not less than 18 square meters, you need 220V or 380V power to supply.


3. Investment Hot Sale 7d Cinema System, how much money will you earn each year ?