Wow,from the viedo, we can see there are lots of peolple are waiting to see the movies although the time is so late in the night.The video was sent by our Algeria’s client.They got a run of business — far more peoples than they could handle. Because the business is booming, they always need to remain open till late in the evening. According to the feedback from the customers since they opened the 5D Cinema, they have get a big profit. The people who had saw the film were full of praise for the equipment of the Cinema and the thrills of the movie plot.
They said they have numerous returned experiences. When their cinema have new-release movies. These customers will go to their cinema to see the new movies at once.Now, they are planing to open a 7d cinema in the other place. They want to seize the 5d 7d cinema’s market, and earn more money.
We wish you all business is booming, making plenty of money, flourishing source of wealth and a continued development in our business dealings!

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