Xindy popular virtual reality products in HK (2)

Our client whom from HK has bought a popular virtual reality products. First he saw our products in a shopping center in Hong Kong. He followed his friend to experience the 9D虛擬現實 products. After he experience it, he said that even though he queued for more than 15 minutes to experience the 9d virtual reality products, it was worth the wait. When he experience it and chose the Roller Coaster Movie, it made him feel like he was really riding a roller coaster, even more exciting than it.
從那時起,他強烈希望開設一個9d虛擬現實產品體驗館。他雖然設備是如此令人興奮和有趣,但它適合年輕人玩。因此,他與朋友討論了這個項目。他的朋友認為,如果他只把9d,,en,在他的體驗館裡太單身了,建議他在體驗館裡展示更多的產品。他在互聯網上搜索了這個項目,發現我們公司有一個新的,,en virtual reality products in his experience pavilion was too single and suggested him to show more products in his experience pavilion. He searched this project on the internet and found our company has a new virtual reality products 商業模式。他立即聯繫我們的銷售人員。我們的銷售人員向他詳細介紹了新的虛擬現實產品業務模式,並根據他的本地消費者需求,區域大小和行人人數為其提供了一種業務模式……最後,他在我們的公司訂購了一些虛擬現實產品公司。,,en,最近,他給了我們反饋,並說我們的虛擬現實產品和新的虛擬現實產品業務模式使他賺了很多錢。,,en,如果您想了解有關虛擬現實產品的更多信息,請留下您的信息,我們將盡快與您聯繫。,,en,Zhuoyua 9d vr simulator,,zh-CN,Xindy在香港流行的虛擬現實產品|欣迪動畫公司,,en

Xindy popular virtual reality products in HK (1)
Recently, he gave us feedback and said that our virtual reality products and the new virtual reality products business mode let him earn lots of money.

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