Xindy 9D,,ar,在住宅區。雖然我們的客戶剛買了一套單人座位,,en,,它吸引了無數人去體驗。,,en,看起來,在9D虛擬現實設備旁邊,有很多觀眾在討論9d vr,而沒人知道“令人驚奇的事情”是什麼。他們互相摔倒去體驗它。,,en,Xindy時尚單座9D虛擬現實欣迪動畫公司,,en Virtual Reality in residential area. Although our client just bought a set of single seat 9d vr, it have attracted numerous people to experience.

Look, next to the 9D Virtual Reality Equipment a lot of passers-by in the audience, discussing about the 9d vr, and no one knew what the ” amazing thing ” is. And they fall over each other to experience it.

5d 7d cinema
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