5D stereo glasses are usually divided into active and passive glasses.

Passive stereo glasses: polarized glasses are usually also called, is divided into red and blue, polarized, linearly polarized stereoscopic glasses.

A red and blue stereoscopic: old filters through the principle of color, the red or blue carried out by the.
2 circular polarized 3D lens: be staggered horizontally through the optical fiber according to conduct an even horizontal polarization counterclockwise, called the left polarized. Even horizontal clockwise polarization, called the right polarization. Circular polarization in the use of the process, pay attention to the angle looking up and down perspective there are some limitations. About broader perspective.

Active stereo glasses: Active shutter glasses are also known as time-division or active shutter glasses. Late after technical improvements invention, using virtual technology, the best display, high-speed switching glasses, then with a movie projector projector projector single tip or LCD TV 120Hz to 120Hz high-speed switching left and right eyes. Screen mode screenings (such as 60 frames a second, the number of cells was left alone, double the number grid to the right eye, due to the progress with 120Hz, the human eye is almost no feeling in the blink) the audience need to set up wireless sensors to control the switching rate of the audience need glasses and the projector is switched rate synchronous.

In addition to watching movies with 5D 5D stereo glasses, but ultimately, there are theater equipment, which contains seating equipment, surround screen projection equipment, audio equipment, cinema these chunks, which are the core of the entire 5D影院

What is the 5D Stereo Glasses for 5D Cinema Theater

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