From sniper to tank driver, VR is changing the way which we prepare for the war.

When you arrived at the scene, the soldier ‘s blood pressure has dropped to a dangerous level whose pulse was almost weak. His feet had blown up that you could see his legs had been bleeding

These are not true, just an illusory scene in the game , you might have been always reminding yourself. However, in this vivid background of terror, you may still be some trance.

9d vr

You may not be able to smell the smoke of war, but if you wearing a VR helmet, you can see the terrible visual effects. When you panic pull the tourniquet, and think of the nearby hills may be hidden behind the enemy of a sniper, it will make you feel more fear.

9d vr1

“After used of Zhuo Yuan 9d vr 6 seats, we saw the chances,” Johnson said. “It’s designed to be user friendly, compact and easy to use. There are 9D,,ar,在住宅區。雖然我們的客戶剛買了一套單人座位,,en,,它吸引了無數人去體驗。,,en,看起來,在9D虛擬現實設備旁邊,有很多觀眾在討論9d vr,而沒人知道“令人驚奇的事情”是什麼。他們互相摔倒去體驗它。,,en,Xindy時尚單座9D虛擬現實欣迪動畫公司,,en models including tanks, guns, huts and soldiers, which are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

“The cost of a simple training VR simulation solution is really cheap compared to the construction training room, and they are surprised by the flexibility,” Johnson said.

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