5D cinema with 3D cinema The main difference is the use of more sophisticated technology to bring viewers a richer, more exciting, more immersive experience,For example, there is the rain scene in the movie, the audience can feel the rain wet clothes, the characters in the film ran, the audience can experience the wind hit; special seats can produce shaking, vibration and other real feeling.

4D is designed to smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubble, smell, scenery, task performance results, the site can simulate snow, lightning and other effects for the audience to bring a richer entertainment experience.

3D movies is the gap between people’s use of visual eye, so that the screen showing a three-dimensional feeling, film visual and auditory effects is limited. The movie is based on 4D 5D on by more advanced 3D graphics animation technology, computer software technology, so that the audience from hearing, sight, smell, touch and movement five aspects, like the shock of an immersive experience.

6d cinema project in Malaysia outlet

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