5d dynamic cinema experience the fun with dinosaurs fun, crazy roller coaster fans to pass, 5d dynamic film the flying butterflies let fans could not help but reach out and grab countless UFO flying in the face to the fans, 5d dynamic let subconsciously movie fans dodged, hooked, completely forget yourself in cinema, stereoscopic, immersive way to enjoy the fun, so fans hooked.

5D movie car movie greatest charm is achieved real-time interaction with the audience screen virtual character. Decorative landscape 5d dynamic film unique, advanced computer software technology and three-dimensional graphics animation technology, 5d dynamic role in the film so that the screen no longer stick to the plot manipulation, and become more vivid, the audience has exposure to movie the sense of mission and sense of accomplishment, the so-called “man in the middle reaches of the play,” surreal 5D movie car movie is so amazing.

5d 7d 9d cinema simulator

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