The new palace court hall, the fantasy exploration game hall, FuninVR’s 720 degree flight simulator, popular VR+ team shooting gallery,VR horse and VR ski machines, bringing a new sensory experience! I look forward to seeing you in the Star Dream Cruise!


FuninVR 720 degree flight simulator

The VR flight simulator uses the unique science fiction cockpit, with two-axis space 360-degree rotating frame, combine horizontal 360° and vertical 360° to a new 720° flight simulation trajectory, truly restore combat scenes, make players to immersive.

The use of the world’s most advanced all-digital servo control system to ensure that the attitude of the filght capsule and the game aircraft highly consistent.


Can be perfect to achieve before, after, rise, fall, flip, dive, fall, and many other difficult action.

Flight simulator control devices:

1.Flight JoyStick 2.Power control 3.Steering wheel 4.Selector 5.Rudder pedal

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