Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Orient”, Hongkong. is one of the most significant global financial centers. It is a recognized global center of trade and calls itself an “entertainment hub”. So, the fashionable entertainment projects are popular in Hongkong.

CK Hung是我們來自香港的客戶之一。他喜歡探索新事物,特別是令人興奮的新奇事物。有一天,他找到了,,en,通過互聯網。他認為9d vr的外觀很酷,應該非常適合在香港開展業務。,,en,CK Hung發現了這一點,,en,9d vr是最專業的,所以他決定選擇Xindy。他命令9d vr和一個雙座位,,en,模擬器立即。,,en,在他開了9d之後,他經常做一些活動和推廣以吸引更多的顧客。他的9d vr和振動vr模擬器總是充滿了玩家。正因為如此,他計劃購買更多vr模擬器並在其他地方打開它們。,,en 9d vr through internet. He thought the appearance of 9d vr was cool and it should be quite suitable for business in Hong Kong.
CK Hung found that Xindy 9d vr is the most professional one, so he decided to choose Xindy. He ordered a double seats 9d vr and a vibrating vr simulator immediately.

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After his 9d vr opened, he often did some activities and promotion to attract more customers. His 9d vr and vibrating vr simulator was always full of players. Precisely because of it, he is planning to buy more vr simulators and open them in other places.

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