All the work is ready, The equipment is more than 10 sets, 6 Seats VR dark mars & many other sets VR,We went to with the engineering team look at the Venue, today ,Ready to transport up and install, On the 5th floor of the Nigeria lagos mall, The stairs 1.2 meters wide The elevator is 0.93 meters wide, Only one window is 3.7*3.2 meters. If it is removed the window, The equipment can be through the window transport, So that the equipment can be transported up and down again. The equipment installed for two days can finally let the customer experience as scheduled.

Product Parameters:VR Motion Simulator
Product name VR Motion Simulator
Model FuninVR-vr simulator
Voltage / Power 220V

在這裡,我特別想感謝設計團隊,因為我的場地比較大,所以設計團隊已經多次修改了佈局圖,印像圖等,還有工程團隊。為了成功開業,加班安裝設備,非常感謝,,en,FuninVR給予我信心和支持,我衷心希望卓遠公司發展順利。,,en,9dvr模擬器,,en,虛擬現實9dVR座椅,,en,VR運動模擬器,,en,熱賣娛樂9D運動駕駛遊戲機VR模擬器賽車|欣迪動畫公司,,en Zhuoyuan FuninVR for giving me confidence and giving me support, I sincerely hope the Zhuoyuan company getting well.

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