what’s About 5d cinema box cabin?

5d cinema box cabin, known as five-dimensional movie, is developed from four-dimensional movie . 4D movie is a new video product combining 3D movie technology and environmental effects together.When we watching 3D movie we can see solid pictures,4D move put tactile sensation and olfactory sensation in 3D movie.Now our engineer will throw you into a whole new world,the latest technology-5D movie. When the audience are watching the 5D movie they will wear 3D glasses and as the seat moves to 6 dof set&control led by computer,you will catch the feeling of storm,lightning, rain, spray mist, legs Ticklers,bubble,snow,fog,flower smell and so on at the same time which will be totally different from the old 3D movies.You will have whole new feeling of liveness because of the good interactivity created by the new device we use.The seat will make the change to different gesture across to the story of the 5D movie goes on.

Cinema cabin Specifications:

Parameter: 1). Room size: 6×3×3.5m, depends on different seats and quantity.
2). Material: Steel, EPS(Expandable polystyrene), wood.
3). Color: Red, blue, blown. Can customization.
4).6/8/9/12/24 seats width 500mm.
We can design it according your idea.
Movies: 1). 70 pc of 5D movies will be provided for free and increase each month.
2). 2-3 new movies can be offer you which made by our own professional film production team every month.
3). Movies format: avi, left and right format. 4-12 minutes per pc.
Special effects: 13 kinds of Special effects in total.
6 kinds of the chairs special effects 6 kinds of the chairs special effects Water spray, air spray, sweep legs, highs vibration, touch bottom, beat back. Together with auto-induction technology & SMS function, make the management become more easier.
7 kinds of environment special Rain, snow, bubble, wind , lightning, fire, smoke.
Service: 1. One year free warranty since purchasing date. Lifetime maintenance.
2. Repair free of charge when unhuman factors.
3. Free installation and training, but the cost of the visa, round trip tickets, accommodation of the technicians should be paid by customers.
Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Detail: 專業和安全氣泡袋 拉伸膜紙箱 木框
Delivery : 6-10 working days after receiving the deposit.

Electric 5d cinema System Platform simulator equipment


項目 向前 向後 速度穰
X軸移動 183毫米 -183mm 26-261mm /秒
Y軸移動 90毫米 -300mm 26-278m​​m /秒
Z軸移動 370毫米 0 25-256mm /秒
X軸移動 21° -21° 3-30°/秒
Y軸移動 22° -19° 3-29.3°/秒
Z軸移動 16° -16° 2-22.8°/秒





1.Projector系統:採用雙投影機,實現一組圖像或多個群體形象柱狀的無縫表面連接。當播放時,兩台投影星在同一時間和對應於左和右的電影。 2.三維屏系統:金屬軟屏還是硬屏,可以選擇標準的4:3,16:9的屏幕,甚至圓形的屏幕。安裝在地面之上或牆壁上的屏幕框都可用。 3.Motion seats system:5D electric platform and 5D hydraulic platform are professional design and production, in addition to the back and forth, left and right, up and down movement of tradition 6DOF platform,5D cinema platform add a lot of angles action to achieve the effect of any movement of the platform within a certain rang. 4.特殊效果系統:包括燈光模擬,模擬雨,雪模擬,煙霧模擬,模擬的泡沫,降熱下降,振動,空氣衝擊波,噴霧,腿貼,耳風,耳音等。


放映機 NEC夏普松下2600,2800,3000,3500,4000,5000流明
屏幕 4:3 11:9 120inch,150inch,180inch,200inch
座位 2seats,4seats,6seats,8seats,9seats,12seats,16seats,18sea​​ts,24個座位等二自由度三自由度六自由度
特殊效果 照明,雨,雪,煙霧,氣泡,降熱跌落,振動,空氣衝擊波,噴霧,腿貼,耳風,耳音等。


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