In the city huge consumer groups, have to watch the cinema 7D have both the desire and the ability of the consumer groups 7D movies, and pay more attention to the needs of the cultural aspects of the spiritual rather than the physical aspects of the traditional requirements, such groups must have been quality target customers beyond survival needs Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety needs, such as low levels of demand, therefore, such income consumer groups in the economic, cultural level, consumer attitudes are large commercial real estate projects Obviously the needs of other groups of consumer goods or services for also the strongest.
Once such groups is important to develop a post-viewing habits, will provide an endless supply of commercial real estate urban complex enough traffic, from food, to play a one-stop consumption patterns, music, shopping, tours, etc. of view, stimulating role in promoting the project with other formats are also very significant.
Phantom Star provides 7D互動影院設備 is passenger engine, is the first choice of projects to introduce commercial street, gathered a huge consumer audience, to stimulate the development of Commercial Street, Commercial Street make more surge, consumption structure and better profitability in the future.

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