9D,,ar,在住宅區。雖然我們的客戶剛買了一套單人座位,,en,,它吸引了無數人去體驗。,,en,看起來,在9D虛擬現實設備旁邊,有很多觀眾在討論9d vr,而沒人知道“令人驚奇的事情”是什麼。他們互相摔倒去體驗它。,,en,Xindy時尚單座9D虛擬現實欣迪動畫公司,,en Virtual Reality Experience Pavilion is open, so many children See another world. We may not be able to visit Africa, but we can see spectacular rivers and varied animals in the 9DVR Experience Pavilion. These virtual films are most suitable for the children, especially in the custody of the parents, The whole family to spend this wonderful time together


9D Virtual Reality Experience Hall is also a virtual playground, which has number of roller coasters and ther virtual amusement projects. The big pendulum throws us into the air and you will feel fear. Eventually we were thrown so high that we could see the following mini-tree, the top of the hill and the vast ocean of dark blue on the horizon. Of course, the big pendulum will let us land, and I found myself free to fall back to the ground soon. If you have not played a big pendulum in the theme park, you can experience it in the 9D Virtual Reality Experience Pavilion. If you have played in the theme park, then the 9D virtual reality experience in the museum will be more exciting scenery.


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