Have you seen it? Our virtual reality experience hall has opened. Look, There are many friends who have a good time. Of course, I am also very happy. Here .I have to talk about my inner feelings.

First of all, I would like to say thank China FuninVR Company. Professional designer team, Good sales team, I have fully affirmed from the design and professional opinions. I chose this company is not wrong. I have always wanted to open a virtual reality experience hall with my girlfriend because this It was our little dream, But due to the lack of experience and cost control, we also read a lot of reference materials on the website. In the end, we did not make up our minds. And then our friends recommended a Zhuonyuan FuninVR from China. At first, I still couldn’t come down determined. So I went to a field trip to China. During the two days visit to the local area, I saw their professional team introduction. Later, I met some partners from other countries in the experience hall. This made me Determined,one month later , my experience hall opened on scheduled, Thank you very much for the hard work of the Zhuoyuan team.

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