The Green City Mall in Kamennaya Gorka, the Teleport 遊樂園 is preparing for the opening. It represents several game simulator halls with enhanced (virtual) reality technology – VR. The park’s partner is Neurogaming, founded by Wargaming and VRTech. These equipments are purchased from Guangzhou Zhuoyuan -FuninVR

Sitting behind the wheels that look like motorcycles or VR Racing Kart, you can change the game, the track, and the entourage. The platform repeats the movement of the car and reproduces all the impact and rotation, to give you a feel of being completely immersed in the process.

For shooting enthusiasts, there are special platform chairs that mimic walking or flying robots. Aiming through the glasses, shooting control – occurs through the joystick. The platform also rotates and responds to what is happening, along with VR glasses, providing an unmatched effect of ordinary computer games.

There is even a device that turns 720 degrees. “In such a pilot, it is possible to be prepared,” said one of the park staff.

“Because of imbalances and incompatibility with body movements, motion sickness occurs. Sitting in a chair at home, immersed in a roller coaster, you can really rock. So we combine the physics, movement and virtual reality of the process. This allows you to eliminate negative moments,” explains Sergey Yulevich, director and co-founder of Teleport Park.

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