What is the 7D theater it? Relative to the 3D-6D Cinema What is the difference? 3D stereoscopic cinema that people are familiar with the movie, you need to wear special glasses to watch. 4D cinema is essentially a kind of “interactive 3D environments movie.” Seat theater with activities, according to the movie plot and downs, swing, creating a sense of context. 5D影院 adding more contextual effects, stimulating multiple senses vision of the audience, hearing, touch, etc., in the movie theater playback environment details involved. Film is generally the first person perspective. 6D Cinema 5D in the viewing environment on the basis of increased odor released. Then 7D 6D cinema theater in increased it? In fact, increased the number of interactions it.

So how did the audience think? 7D cinema audience that bring a lot of new and interesting to try, viewing the process is full of laughter, it is worth to take the kids to see together. Like playing games, the price is relatively high. “7D theater” is characterized by the gaming and entertainment technology combined with dynamic theater, 7D movie also so called “can play the movie.” In this theater, the audience can participate directly to the movie in which the interaction occurs and video content, and even change the process and outcome of the movie. For example, you can fighting, can a hero to save the United States, can repel others, you can shoot monsters, very exciting.

7D Cinema


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