5D dynamic seat theater equipment is a very important component to achieve different actions with different scenes in the 5d film, directly linked with the customer experience effect, so only good dynamic seat 5D theater in order to reflect this value lies poor quality of the seat from the movement, comfort, quality and other aspects will reflect its disadvantages, so a good system, good quality is our advantage.

5D dynamic seat movie will be dynamic and organic bonded 3D/4d tech products, 5D dynamic seat can achieve a variety of synchronization with the movie plot special effects, such as drop, vibration, hair, water, sweep the leg, rotate, partial Airlines, pitch, roll, and other dynamic motion effects, together with well-designed smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubble, smell, scenery, etc., many people mobilize all the perceptual system, people really into the plot. Allowing the audience to experience the kind of movie plot Chi wind power for Speed ​​hectares in a safe environment, to experience immersive, dreamlike visual experience.

5D Dynamic Seat

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