First, market research, there are two important points. A person is mobile. We all know the status 5D cinema is arrested the flow of people, so early market research, mainly in the local flow of people in many places, you must also understand a lot of these consumer categories such as shopping malls, pedestrian street, fashion cities, tourist areas, because there are many young people who love adventure, so more suitable setting 5D theater experience.

First, the market competition. Dynamic film equipment franchisee substantial increase in the 5d, 5D competitive film market will rise, there will always be a few cases 5D movie experience hall Street. In this case, there are four processing methods, one is definitely eye-catching decor, make an impact, this theme style is very unique display “5D Cinema”; Second is the second best, can consider a large population, a relatively small portion of the competition, to avoid too much embarrassment; Third, adding mobile 5D cinema museum experience to business processes; fourth is to ensure good franchisee equipment, to attract customers perfect the influence of movies.

Second, the device will determine the 5d dynamic cinema equipment franchisee customer relationships. In the “Titanic” was released after the 3D version, there are many viewers of the film reflects the 3D effect is not ideal, and later confirmed that the device and 3D movie theaters have a great relationship. Similarly, the franchisee choose good or bad projection equipment, a direct impact on the visual effects 5D cinema, 5d dynamic cinema equipment, 5D cinema lies, currently on the market also confirmed that the electric chair a greater advantage than the hydraulic seats, better the audience into the film’s environment. Another major factor – the source device is also very important, no new variety of movies, unable to meet consumer demand. Market can provide 70 or more rarely the source of the manufacturers, so the dealer is very important to select companies. Considering these factors, it is also added to 5D film

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