This year, Jeddah saw the first VR theme park in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. So he planed to set up a experience shop in Saudi Arabia, and purchased VR experience called 9Dvr 3 seat in Guangzhou Zhuoyuan which could bring a “big adventure” VR experience。 9d virtual reality

Jeddah said that the new store was located in the mall which took “limited participation” would be open on March 24 and its tickets has all been sold on the 23rd. 9d vr Jeddah said: “We are committed to let everyone into the immersive entertainment experience, which is the world’s most creative leisure and entertainment equipment. It will bring the experience of VR paradise to the Saudi people and visitors.

Do you want to know more about the 9d vr mô phỏng, xin vui lòng để lại tin nhắn của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ liên lạc với bạn càng nhanh càng tốt.,,en,giá thực tế ảo,,en,Xindy VR Lõi đưa họ rất nhiều niềm vui tại Hàn Quốc | Xindy Animation Inc.,,en

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