Inaugural Global VR/AR China Summit 2016 was held in Shenzhen China on October 12th. Guangzhou Xindy was invited to attend this summit and gave a keynote speech.
This event will gather more than 500 high level participants from 20+ countries, they comes from both heavyweight high-tech companies but also brilliant startups, cover the whole value chain, such as hardware producers of head mounted display devices, 3D camera, input devices; software developers of VR software development platform, VR SDK, content development tools; content providers of VR games, VR movies; VR/AR industry solutions providers for commercial marketing, engineering, architecture, clinical medical, defense; technologies companies for image recognition technology, gesture control technology, voice input and out technology; as well as distribution channels and VC/PE. In this event, 30+ VR/AR industry leaders will deliver speech covering industry whitepaper, new products release, new technology and research achievements, and carry out diverse forms of interaction and partnership.

Guangzhou Xindy, as one of the biggest hardware manufacturers, and took the lead in building VR offline experience store, of which over 3,000 Xindy VR experience stores can be found all over the world in more than 50 countries of 5 continents and a lot of cities at home with a steady growth trend of 200 more in one month.
During the summit, Guangzhou Xindy gave a keynote speech about the the ways of improve the Sản phẩm VR,,en,đã trở thành trụ cột trong kinh doanh của mình. Ông tuyên bố trong phản hồi của mình rằng nhiều người đến trung tâm trò chơi của ông để trải nghiệm các máy VR này, ông cũng ca ngợi rằng các sản phẩm VR được Quảng Châu Zhuoyuan thiết kế và sản xuất là thời trang và chất lượng cao.,,en,. Vui lòng để lại tin nhắn của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ liên lạc với bạn càng sớm càng tốt!,,en,Giá 9d vr,,en,Trung tâm thương mại FuninVR Tyson's Corner Center | Hoạt hình Xindy Inc.,,en quality and service.
When the keynote speech ends, the applause is long and loud. Other company speak highly of our company’s corporate social responsibility. We trust we will grow stronger and stronger with all the attentions and supports.


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