1. How much 5d movie cost?
7D movie is based on 5d Rạp chiếu bóng a unique scene after renovation, the leading software technology and three-dimensional computer graphics animation technology, complete real-time interactive video screen audience with virtual characters. The scenery and the role of 4D dynamic of the film, the audience from hearing, sight, smell, touch and movement to reach the five aspects of the role of empathy. For example, when the audience watching stereoscopic movie, along video content in real time to feel the storm changed, lightning, rain, crashing, spray, mist, etc. so that the side effects of the six episodes of the corresponding three-dimensional impression of things, the seat will also shake swing.

2. 7D Cinema Giá là những gì?
Videos free to join 7D cinema, 7D interactive entertainment theater is a new interactive dynamic play video products. Prevalent in today’s world it is the latest 3D television technology and multiplayer interactive technology, planning a variety of different themed play equipment, play equipment for each topic, the topic of virtual simulation scenarios and television episodes, and with special effects and environmental effects seats, followed by the story progresses, the audience through the hands of imitation guns and screen three-dimensional simulation of a serious violent enemies duel, never had the influence to bring these will give the audience and delighted the audience reluctantly, and then induce the audience to watch a repeat of excitement and desire than the bump. And this particular experience is not in the family and other local, general computer game can be achieved, which is also the location of its center of commercial value. interaction 7D cinema is based on 4D, 5D theater on the increased interactivity of the film, because it should have completed a four-cultural projects, namely enjoyment, adventure, risk taking and confrontational, become a new generation of high- science and technology play equipment.

What is 7d Cinema Price

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